Maintain your car
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5 Things to Do for Your Car in the Next Vacation

In this holiday period of holiday parties, it is very common that you plan to travel in your car to the beach or a tourist point of interest. However, going out to do that crossing without having certain precautions can affect those days of rest that you so long.

That’s why thinking about having a vacation of the best, and we tell you the five things you should keep in mind.


1. Maintain your car


Oil change, tuning, tire pressure check, alignment, and balancing are the minimum maintenance services that you should perform on your car, before putting it to work for a long journey. The engine must be in the best conditions, as well as the tires since they are the essential elements with which it moves and reaches anywhere.

Maintain your car


2. Load with the necessary tool and equipment


A tire is punctured; it has to fix an electrical problem of the engine; it requires making some adjustments or changing a part as the focus of a headlight. Many things can happen on the trip, so not being prevented with the necessary tool will cause you to delay, do not arrive at that special event, or plan to be left alone or waiting for help from a stranger.


3. Charge a first aid kit


He plans to make a special stop with his family at some pleasant point to play, but it turns out that someone fell, causing a cut or scrape, need alcohol, as well as bandages to heal the wound. Or they stopped to eat at the place least indicated for it, so the food they ate caused them a serious indigestion problem, you will have to take some pills to take care of that diarrhea.

first aid kit

4. Driving drunk or drugged


Although we hear it frequently and there are many awareness campaigns about these problems, they are still factors of a high degree of driving death. Do not drive under the influence of alcohol or any drug. It affects your sense of direction, perception of distance, and your ability to respond when driving. It also puts your family at risk when you affect other drivers.


5. Bring money or insurance


Maybe he thought of the last detail for his trip as hotel reservations, carrying everything he needed. But often things happen that are not in our hands. For example, he was driving and went into a pothole that damaged the tires leaving his vehicle immobile; you have to ask for the help of a crane. To help you, you need to be covered with insurance or pay for the service in cash. In an extreme case, if you suffer a crash or something similar, always presented with an insurance policy for your car and cash will provide many problems that you do not expect.

Finally, the most important thing is to wear a seat belt and make passengers, too, remember that using it saves lives.

Change the Tires
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When to Change the Tires of Your Vehicle

After traveling thousands of kilometers and with several years in tow to use the same set of tires, there are many drivers who, due to lack of time, ignorance, or simple carelessness, are very lax in determining what the ideal time to change their tires is.

Remember that tires in an optimal condition not only improve performance but also reduce the risk of an accident and avoid a fine of fifteen legal minimum daily wages in force, following Resolution 3027 of July 26, 2010, of the Ministry Transportation. In this regard, Hankook Tire specialists make the following considerations to identify whether a tire should be changed promptly or immediately.

Change the Tires

  • DOT (date of manufacture): You should not use tires for more than five years from the date of manufacture. Consider that over time, the rubber hardens, becomes more brittle and loses some important properties, such as adhesion. To know when a tire manufactured, look on the side for four-digit encryption that indicates the week and year of manufacture.
  • Check the tread: check the groove depth using a depth gauge or by observing the tread wear indicator on the side, it will let you know how worn the tire is. If the groove shows wear below two (2) millimeters, it must replace. Experts recommend checking wear once a month.
  • When severe erosion or perforation of the tire occurs: in this case, it recommended to buy a new one. An experienced technician should only do the replacement of a tire.
  • Check if the tire has any cracks: These arise from the natural aging of the tire, as well as from its exposure to very high temperatures, caused by excessive friction or driving on rough roads.
  • The durability of a tire is related to driving habits and vehicle maintenance: always remember to control aspects such as speed, braking, balancing, and proper air pressure.
Save Fuel on Your Car
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Some Tips for You to Save Fuel on Your Car

Recommendations on fuel consumption. But are they all effective?

The truth is that most of the time, the problem is between the seat and the steering wheel. Yes sir, the driver

For this reason, together with specialists from the automotive world, we review some recurring beliefs and tips, so be careful and invest less in the expensive liquid.

Save Fuel on Your Car

1.- The size always indicates how consumer the car is

The fact that the vehicle is smaller is not directly related to the fact that it spends more or less gasoline because this will depend on its weight compared to the power needed to move it. There are cars with very efficient engines that allow moving the car with ease and without much effort, allowing a more comfortable driving. On the other hand, some engines do not always fit the car and for being very forced (or when loading the car more than is due) spend more than larger engines.

You also have to think about the purpose for which your car design. A sports car or an all-terrain vehicle will spend more fuel, inevitably. A city car could be very economical in the city, but not much if it demands it on the road or loads it.

“If the trips are made only by the city, a small engine (less than 1,500 ccs) will be the ideal solution, as long as it does not load too much. On the other hand, if you travel a lot by road, the ideal is the largest (from 1,500 ccs), because they tend to go less revolutionized faster. “

2.- The automatic ones spend more than the mechanics

Automatic gearboxes do not generate high fuel costs compared to a mechanical car,” experts say, “and several brands have developed high-efficiency systems. In general, cars today have processing according to the dynamics of each vehicle. The difference between an automatic versus a mechanical one has decreased to less than 5% thanks to the sequential boxes”.

We will complement it. In the beginning, old cars had automatic gearboxes of very low speeds. Therefore, it was very feasible to fall on long gears with very long sections, where the engine delayed in reaching a more efficient state of performance and consumption. Also, since these were very heavy, the difference was accentuated. Today the automatic boxes are much smarter. They have as many gears as a manual, with driving modes, and in some cases, they are also more compact, which helps to manage the power of the car better, minimizing or reversing the gap with its similar mechanics.

save fuel

3.- Drive in high gear at low speed

“This practice forces the driver to step on the accelerator to maintain speed. This causes the control unit to order to increase the amount of fuel inside the cylinder, to maintain power. This is why it is necessary to drive within the defined speed range for each gear, which usually ranges between 2,500 and 3,000 rpm in a gasoline engine,” says Anfruns.

4.- Inflate tires more

A tire with less inflation pressure, as recommended by the manufacturer, tends to spend more fuel, since its support surface is larger. It believed that if excess air pressure applied to the wheels, they would turn more easily. Therefore, the car will tend to move with less resistance. While there is some reason, since a very flat tire could cause an increase in fuel consumption, everything will depend again on the load added to the vehicle. It must take into account that this action leads to a change in driving style, especially with slower cornering, since the area of ​​support of the tire tread reduced, which could produce instability in the steering and traction of the vehicle.

In short, put the air indicated by the manufacturer and that you need it. Car brands have done countless tests on their models and, for some reason, recommend a certain pressure range, which you can find in the door frames or the manual.

Save Fuel on Your Car

5.- Avoid the use of air conditioning

Many say that a good measure not to spend too much is to turn off the air conditioning and let air through the windows. “What is unknown is that from 70 km / h, the turbulence that is generated by the air that enters produces a braking effect on the vehicle, increasing the consumption more than if the air conditioning turned on. Therefore, it will always be recommended to use the cooling system above the speed indicated above. When driving in the city (maximum speed 60 km / h), the myth is fulfilled”.

6.- The type of benzine helps to save

Technically, octane is the additive that prevents gasoline from self-inflating ahead of time, so it is necessary that high-performance or high-performance vehicles use high octane. “If you have an average car, such an octane rating is not necessary, and the current gasoline will suffice, even more so if you always travel in the city. But if you are traveling, the extra is recommended. You will notice the savings, taking into account which the manufacturer recommends according to the engine “.

Buy Vehicle Parts
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The Guide to Buy Vehicle Parts for You

Despite the proper maintenance of a vehicle, it will be time to replace some of its parts due to wear or damage caused by imperfect roads, for which it recommended to look for original spare parts, as they are of better quality than the so-called generic.

At present, the supply of spare parts is quite wide, so it is important to identify if the parts you are going to buy are original, alternative, or false. Here we tell you to keep in mind to maintain and protect the performance and integrity of your vehicle.

Here are some recommendations from Mitsubishi technical service experts to buy parts successfully:

1. If you are not sure or do not identify which part of the vehicle is damaged, seek the advice of a mechanic to confirm the reason for the failure, this will help you know the type of space you need and the procedure to follow.

Buy Vehicle Parts

2. After identifying the type of space you need, check in your city, which are the workshops or points of sale that have quality products and backed by the brand of your vehicle. If you do it in informal places, you run the risk of acquiring pirated or used parts that will worsen the condition of your vehicle. Therefore it is advisable to go to service workshops at dealerships or after-sales services.

3. Compare prices, quality, and guarantee: Another option that you can consider is to look for spare parts online to consider the market offer and evaluate prices and guarantee, which is essential to decide whether it is convenient to buy it or not.

4. Make sure that the spare part you are going to buy works, especially if it is electrical parts since, in many cases, they did not guarantee.

5. Buy new and original spare parts, since they are optimized to improve the performance of vehicles, as sometimes genuine spare parts are used to save the repair, opening the probability that that part should replace more quickly.

Buy Vehicle Parts

In our country, where the variety of the cost of spare parts is truly great, there is the option to select between an official brand and other alternatives. However, although the originals have a higher cost than those of an independent store, the specialists recommend choosing the first ones, since they go through quality control and offer a guarantee for manufacturing defects.

6. Strategic spare parts: Obviously, the best is always to opt for original parts. However, some pieces need to be punctually genuine. And they are the ones that have great relevance in terms of security.

Buy Vehicle Parts

7. Purchases abroad: It is a good option, either because the vehicle is a few years old, or because it is of a not very massive brand. You may not find the spare part in your country, for which there are stores globally that facilitate access through the internet to make the purchase.

Finally, it is important to demand an invoice to request a warranty of the replacement, in case of needing changes due to defects or improper refinement of the acquired part.

Car Glasses
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How to Keep Your Car Glasses Clean

Even the most experienced driver can be affected by a windshield with problems of visibility. Keep in mind that 90% of the information we receive while driving reaches the brain through sight.

Given this situation, the vehicle’s windows must be clean as much as possible. It is also vital that the windshield wipers work perfectly and that the water tank of them never lacks water.

Car Glasses

The terrible mosquitoes

It is very common that when traveling on the road, the insects end up stamped against the windshield, so you have to clean them continuously so as not to compromise visibility or damage the windshield wipers. Here is a clear example of why we should have enough liquid in the tank because when we are going, and an insect hits the glass, it can leave a large stain that makes our visibility difficult. If at that time, we do not carry liquid in the tank, the windshield wipers will only expand the stain, and we will see even less, creating a dangerous situation.

Car Glasses

The rain

Another point to consider is when using the windshield wipers with water, when we face the sun, we will see almost nothing for a few seconds due to the effect of the rays on the liquid and dirt.

On the other hand, although it may seem that an occasional rain used to clean the windshield, the truth is that in many cases, a rain discharge only dirties the front window of the vehicle even more, especially if the clouds also loaded with dust. If besides, we use the windshield wipers when the moon is not completely clean, we will spread that dirt.

Once at home, we can moisten a cloth with water and some soap or household cleaning product, and leave it on overnight: cleaning the windshield the next day will be much easier with the remains already softened.

Car Glasses

Dust and sand

Using soft bristle brushes or, failing that, a soft cloth with which pressure can exert without damaging the glass is essential for a good cleaning. For the windshield, a little baking soda can be used on a microfiber cloth in the case of very marked spots.

Another great enemy is dust and sand. In general, dryness and high temperatures cause more dust and sand to rise in the environment. Besides, asphalt cracks dilated by heat and dust accumulates in them. In their passage, the cars lift that sand, part of which ends on the windshield.

In these scenarios, it is not necessary to activate the wipers, which could be damaged and scratch the glass. Here the ideal thing would be to clean the car with air and water under pressure or to carry a carafe filled with water, to remove most of the sand from the windows, and to be able to drive safely before cleaning the car in depth.