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Should I opt for led, xenon or halogen headlights?

Technology has advanced so much that the market offers numerous possibilities wherever you look. Specifically, you can find products with very different functionalities in everything related to motor vehicle accessories.

Currently, many drivers have the question of whether LED headlights are better than xenon headlights, or they should opt for halogen headlights for the car. The truth is that they are not better or worse than others, but have different factors that make them more or less suitable for each type of vehicle.

car headlight

The halogen headlights of the car have used massively since the 70s. They featured by projecting the light from the bulb using a parabola or reflector mechanism.

Its main advantage is the ability to direct light in the right direction, especially necessary when cornering. Halogen headlights are complemented by a system that regulates the height of the light to prevent glare from other road users.


The xenon headlights for the car based on a projector, which uses the light of a bulb that works using electrodes and a quartz bulb filled with xenon under pressure (instead of having incorporated a filament and a specific gas as in the case halogen headlights).

The xenon lights are whiter and more intense than halogen but need a projector to control the light beam.

car headlight

What about LED headlights? outperform older car lighting systems in efficiency and longevity. The trend is for its use to become popular. However, its technology is still under development, and at present, they come as standard, especially in cars of medium and high ranges.

Without a doubt, what we will notice most about the LED headlights are the effects of our pocket. It reflected in two large cases—the first, fuel economy. Led headlight reduces emissions by more than one gram per kilometer. With LED lights, the battery has a lower energy charge, 80 Watt instead of 135 Watt.

The second great effect of LED lights for our pocket is that their lifespan is practically the same as the one that the car will have, although you already know that you can make your car last forever. The 9005 led bulb in the headlights lasts tens of thousands of hours, saving us the cost to change them.

Besides, they will not go out suddenly as when conventional incandescent headlights melt, but the light will gradually decrease at the end of its useful life. Another security factor: color. Despite many advances in automotive technology, driving at night is still more tiring than driving during the day. However, the white tone of the LED headlights is much more pleasant than that of conventional lights, so that the eyestrain is less.

If you have the opportunity to test the LED headlights, take advantage of it and test them, if possible, at night. Soon you will begin to notice its advantages while you enjoy driving.

Also, unlike other lighting technologies, LEDs allow precise control of the direction of the light beam. Thus, LED headlights can precisely direct the light output to where the driver needs, to maximize visibility on the road and not dazzle other drivers.