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How to Keep Your Car Glasses Clean

Car Glasses

Even the most experienced driver can be affected by a windshield with problems of visibility. Keep in mind that 90% of the information we receive while driving reaches the brain through sight.

Given this situation, the vehicle’s windows must be clean as much as possible. It is also vital that the windshield wipers work perfectly and that the water tank of them never lacks water.

Car Glasses

The terrible mosquitoes

It is very common that when traveling on the road, the insects end up stamped against the windshield, so you have to clean them continuously so as not to compromise visibility or damage the windshield wipers. Here is a clear example of why we should have enough liquid in the tank because when we are going, and an insect hits the glass, it can leave a large stain that makes our visibility difficult. If at that time, we do not carry liquid in the tank, the windshield wipers will only expand the stain, and we will see even less, creating a dangerous situation.

Car Glasses

The rain

Another point to consider is when using the windshield wipers with water, when we face the sun, we will see almost nothing for a few seconds due to the effect of the rays on the liquid and dirt.

On the other hand, although it may seem that an occasional rain used to clean the windshield, the truth is that in many cases, a rain discharge only dirties the front window of the vehicle even more, especially if the clouds also loaded with dust. If besides, we use the windshield wipers when the moon is not completely clean, we will spread that dirt.

Once at home, we can moisten a cloth with water and some soap or household cleaning product, and leave it on overnight: cleaning the windshield the next day will be much easier with the remains already softened.

Car Glasses

Dust and sand

Using soft bristle brushes or, failing that, a soft cloth with which pressure can exert without damaging the glass is essential for a good cleaning. For the windshield, a little baking soda can be used on a microfiber cloth in the case of very marked spots.

Another great enemy is dust and sand. In general, dryness and high temperatures cause more dust and sand to rise in the environment. Besides, asphalt cracks dilated by heat and dust accumulates in them. In their passage, the cars lift that sand, part of which ends on the windshield.

In these scenarios, it is not necessary to activate the wipers, which could be damaged and scratch the glass. Here the ideal thing would be to clean the car with air and water under pressure or to carry a carafe filled with water, to remove most of the sand from the windows, and to be able to drive safely before cleaning the car in depth.

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