How to Replace a Defective Spark Plug Wires on Dodge Ram
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How to Replace a Spark Plug on 3th Gen Dodge Ram

We’re going to show you spark plug replacement, this is a 2008 Dodge Ram, it has the Hemi 5.7 liter engine in it and this procedure is the same for a lot of different Hemi vehicles.

Open up your hood on each side of the engine, there are four coils you can see the front one here and then they go back.

Use a short socket and a wrench but disconnect the little tab on the back side, push them kind of toward the coil, a little bit push the tab and disconnect. Use 10-millimeter socket and ratchet to remove the bolts that hold the coils as the boats actually have little retainers on them. Once you get it loose just move it around a little bit and pull them up at all.

Access the plugs on the passenger side, remove the intake hose and the top of the airbox, unclip them and loosen this clamp. The flat blade screwdriver and pull this hose off and then bring your intake box up and off it gives you access.

On this side you may want to have extensions and push the connector towards the coil. Press the tab and release with the coil out, you can see the plugs are right down inside five-eighths sparkplug socket very important, you have a spark plug socket for this application. You need various extensions to get down.

This is the reason you want the spark plug socket so that the plug will come up and out with it. You want to check the gap and gap tool should slide in and out, actually, it’s a little bit big. So take the gap tool carefully end it down just a hair hook it in and out.

Spark plug socket the best because you put it in and then they don’t fall out, and put your plug down and inturn it by hand first make sure it gets.

Get started and torque these to 13 foot-pounds you want to use some dielectric or silicon base grease, and just put a little bit right inside the tube that fits over the spark plug. Put the oil down in you want to push down, firmly and start the bolts probably with your hand. Once it’s tight let me connect your lead, put your airbox lid back in, check this hose push it over, get it walk-in right put the tabs up and on and tighten up this clamp.


The guide to clean the 3th Gen Dodge Ram throttle body assembly
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The guide to clean the 3th Gen Dodge Ram throttle body assembly

We’re going to show you how to clean the throttle body on Dodge Ram. This one’s a 2008 5.7-liter Hemi cleaning procedures similar for a lot of different makes and models of vehicles. You’ll need a flat blade screwdriver, 8-10-millimeter sockets with a ratchet and extension a cleaning brush rag cleaner and a pair of gloves.

First step, Use a 10-millimeter wrench to remove the negative terminal of the battery and open the airbox by releasing the metal clips. Pop it out of its holders release and using a flat blade screwdriver loosen the clamp on the rear of the inlet pipe. Remove the assembly, the bottom half of airbox simply lifts off its retainers, comes right out of the truck.

Next, remove the two 10 millimeter bolts one behind the alternator, one behind the oil cap, access the intake air temp sensor at the front, push down on the connector, remove it from the IAT, remove the air box from the vehicle

Disconnecting the battery, spray some throttle body safe cleaner into the throttle body. Using the toothbrush or soft bristled parts brush, open the blade by hand, got some buildup on the back of the blade. Clearing away all that gum and debris be sure to clean inside the actual bore of the throttle body.

After you’ve completed cleaning your throttle body to your liking, reconnect your airbox components and your battery.

Reinstall the end of the airbox with the silicone gasket over the end of the throttle body, tighten up the bolt behind the oil fill cap and behind the alternator. Reinstall the intake tube onto the airbox and the PCV breather hose lock the lid of the airbox back onto its hinge. Close it, lock it back down and tighten the intake tube clamp with a flat blade screwdriver. Reinstall negative battery terminal tighten it back with a ten-millimeter socket.