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The Guide to Replace original Headlight Bulbs to LEDs on Dodge Ram 1500

The Guide to Replace original Headlight Bulbs to LEDs on Dodge Ram 1500

Today we are going to upgrade both the low and high beam to our new 9004 LED headlight bulbs in 2017 RAM 1500.

It is necessary in this installation to remove the headlights from the truck, remove both the grill and the shroud by loosening up the rivets. Once removed go ahead and set this to the side with the shroud out, we’ll need to remove the four ten millimeter bolts that hold the grille in place with the bolts removed, you need to pull the grille straight out. Pull them straight forward to loosen those and then grab the grille and pull it straight on out.

With the grille out, you’ll have access to the two ten millimeter bolts that hold the headlight in place go ahead and loosen remove those and remove the bolts of the headlight.

Once you’re done with the headlight assembly, you put it back on the truck. You have the headlight disconnected from the truck, you’ll have access to the low beam and high beam bulbs. Remove the bulb by twisting and pulling out the turn signal bulb and then disconnecting the main headlight connector.

Now that we have the headlight out of the truck, twist the dust cap and remove the stock bulbs. Put the new led bulb into the high beam and low beam, take your anti flicker module to connect it to the signal wire and feed it back behind the housing, make sure the wiring connections with the right one. Line up the tabs and twist to lock into place, you can return the dust cap to seal that portion of the headlight back up.

Now that we have our bulbs installed, we will go ahead and reconnect it to the truck and test to make sure everything’s up and running. Once you’ve done, you can actually return this back and lock it back into place repeat the process on the other headlight, return your grill in your shroud to complete your installation.


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