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When to Change the Tires of Your Vehicle

Change the Tires

After traveling thousands of kilometers and with several years in tow to use the same set of tires, there are many drivers who, due to lack of time, ignorance, or simple carelessness, are very lax in determining what the ideal time to change their tires is.

Remember that tires in an optimal condition not only improve performance but also reduce the risk of an accident and avoid a fine of fifteen legal minimum daily wages in force, following Resolution 3027 of July 26, 2010, of the Ministry Transportation. In this regard, Hankook Tire specialists make the following considerations to identify whether a tire should be changed promptly or immediately.

Change the Tires

  • DOT (date of manufacture): You should not use tires for more than five years from the date of manufacture. Consider that over time, the rubber hardens, becomes more brittle and loses some important properties, such as adhesion. To know when a tire manufactured, look on the side for four-digit encryption that indicates the week and year of manufacture.
  • Check the tread: check the groove depth using a depth gauge or by observing the tread wear indicator on the side, it will let you know how worn the tire is. If the groove shows wear below two (2) millimeters, it must replace. Experts recommend checking wear once a month.
  • When severe erosion or perforation of the tire occurs: in this case, it recommended to buy a new one. An experienced technician should only do the replacement of a tire.
  • Check if the tire has any cracks: These arise from the natural aging of the tire, as well as from its exposure to very high temperatures, caused by excessive friction or driving on rough roads.
  • The durability of a tire is related to driving habits and vehicle maintenance: always remember to control aspects such as speed, braking, balancing, and proper air pressure.

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